This project was a labor of love.  A case so beautiful it could not be ignored.  This Victorian beauty has received a completely redesigned soundboard and upgraded action parts.  You get the best of both worlds, a beautifully elegant antique case style with a modern and wonderfully musical piano inside.  We’ve combined all of our soundboard knowledge and come up with a design that really makes this piano sing. In conjunction with Weickert Special Felt hammers from Ronsen and Wessel, Nickel, and Gross action parts this piano is a pleasure to play.  Completely refinished in polished lacquer, every hand carved detail comes to life for a visual experience not found in today’s lackluster case designs.  You won’t find a piano like this anywhere else!

Restoration work completed in 2016 includes:

Custom Erwin designed soundboard with curved cut off bar and upgraded bridges

WNG hammer shanks and butts

Ronsen Weickert Special Felt hammers


Case Refinishing and replating of chrome hardware

Plate refinishing and chrome plating of action brackets

Pinblock, plain wire, and bass strings

Modern capstans to replace rocker style adjustment

Damper felts

PRICE: $29,950

Please Call (209) 577-8397 if you are interested