Listed here is a 1912 Steinway model A-2 in a gorgeous Mahogany case. This is a California piano that came from the dry stable climate of Chico, California. It lived in a beautiful large home on a tree lined street. This piano just wasn’t played much. We have installed a custom designed and built Sitka spruce soundboard system (built by Dale and Dennis Erwin) which has given the voice of this piano a concert quality, Steinway sound. The clarity and sustain in the treble soars with none of the common weaknesses of the Steinway 6th octave. At night you will dream of being able to return to the keyboard of this piano. The plate has been refinished to a showcase finish, with clear coats and hand lettering on the plate cast embossing. New agraffes have been installed. New Mapes gold plain wire and Arledge bass strings and tuning pins were installed by Trix Erwin. A new custom made Erwin maple pinblock was built and installed and none tune better. New action parts and felts installed including New German Abel shanks and flanges and the legendary Ronsen Weickert Felt hammers. New key bushings and keyboard felts including the high performance crescendo front rail punchings. The keys have been recovered with beautiful German off white key covers and the original ebony sharps retained. New upgraded sostenuto damper system parts were installed as well as Damper felts and Guide rail bushings. Custom regulated and balanced this piano is some ones musical family heirloom.

Priced at $49,995