If you need raw unprepped hammers please order them in our online store. www.erwinspiano.com/shop

Please add info@erwinspiano.com to your address book to ensure your confirmation e-mail does not go to your spam folder.  You may send sample hammers in lieu of filling this out completely.  Note that if the hammers have been significantly filed or worn, bore distance will need to be calculated. If you enter the String Height and the Center pin height the bore distance will AUTOMATICALLY calculate for you.

If you have questions about this form, please email us info@erwinspiano.com.

Hammer Order Form

Hammer Order Form

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Street 2
Make, Model, and Serial Number

Hammer, parts, and service selection

Hammer Angles

String Heights

Please provide string heights in MM to the nearest .5 mm

Hanging Distance

Center Pin Height

Bore Distance (Automatically calculated with string height and center pin height)

Original Hammer Weights

Desired Hammer Weights